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Revolutionizing Youth Mental Health Care


futuresTHRIVE is creating a groundbreaking early intervention mental health screening tool for youth using AI and game-based technology to affordably meet the acute needs of doctors, educators and families.

Help Shape the Future

Our team of experts is developing a 21st Century mental health screener: a gamified platform for kids which will track and identify mental health concerns early and easily.

We are looking for at least 100 willing participants and we need your help. If you have children ages (9-14) in your house please consider letting them fill out this simple survey. Please bear with us – as an Alpha, the design is a bit boring. If you send us an email at the end you can enter to win a set of Chat Mats, fun mealtime time conversation starters.

One parent whose child participated wrote, “Wow, I ended up having a great conversation with my son about mental health after he was done. I didn’t realize how much he really thought about this stuff. Thank you for your work, it’s really going to help kids.”

The Crisis in Numbers

One in five children in the U.S. has a diagnosable mental health condition.

Half of all mental health conditions have an onset by age 14.

Less than 20% of those diagnosed will receive treatment.

The average time from the onset of a mental health condition to intervention is 10 years. 

There are approximately 44 million adults struggling with mental health conditions.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death ages 10-24.

What People Are Saying

The first-place winner of the Audience Award at the Hayvn Hatch female-centric pitch night in September 2019.
Hayvn Hatch  First Place Award
A company like Futures THRIVE can develop accessible and affordable technology-driven products that equip school teams with user-friendly universal screening tools which offer the 167,000 plus elementary, middle and high schools in the US an impactful solution to pediatric mental health.
The School Counselor’s Guide to Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) 
Pediatricians are well trained to help their patients when they are able to identify who needs help. An easily accessed, serially used, valid, inclusive, and trauma-informed screening tool would benefit families and primary care health care providers who seek to incorporate mental health screening in every visit. The data show that this is critical to improving the health and well-being of children. I am excited that fT’s proposed solution addresses these shortcomings.
Jamie Murray, MD, MPH 
By minimizing the amount of time needed for a doctor or nurse to administer the screening tool, it will help better leverage the time they are spending with patients and their families.  We need to assess children who need more mental health supports as early as possible so that needed treatment can begin sooner. The sooner the treatment, the quicker the recovery. 

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